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Monday, March 18, 2019


The Jamshedpur is an industrial town. Following are the details of the some major industries in Jamshedpur: Tata Steel - Sakchi, Jamshedpur -Product (Iron) The head quarters of the Tata Steel Limited are in Mumbai. It is a multinational steel company and earlier it was known as the Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited. The Tata steel limited is the world’s tenth largest steel producing company. The TATA Steel limited has an annual capacity of 23.5 million tonnes of crude steel. It is the largest private sector steel company of India according to the domestic production. The company generates total revenue of 26 billion dollars per year having a total profit of 1.9 billion dollars annually. In India its rank is second in the private sector on the basis of profit making. Tata Motor, Jamshedpur - Product (Motor) This company was established in the year 1945; The first unit of the company was set in Jamshedpur only. This unit covers the area of 822 acres. There are four main divisions of this company. These are: Engine Factory, Truck Factory and Cab factory and Cowl Factory. The Tinplate Company India Ltd.(TINPLATE) - Golmuri , Jamshedpur The headquarters of this company are located in Kolkata and the working unit of the company is in Jamshedpur in the Jharkhand state. Currently the company has 11 offices in India and 16 stocking points covering the distribution network. The main business of the company is to manufacture and supply the tin mill products that are reliable as well as cost effective. The main products that are manufactured here includes tin-free steel sheets, various grades of electrolytic tinplates, Full Hard Cold Rolled Sheets or FHCR that are used for the purpose of metal packaging. Jamshedpur Engineering And Machine Manufacturing Company Limited In the year 1921, the Jamshedpur Engineering and Machine Manufacturing Co.LTD was established. This firm was managed by the Europe and used to manufacture textile which was reconstituted to the General Engineering works in the year 1923. Mr. Jivan Lal Motichand purchased this company in the year 1934 and in 1936 he transferred it to Messrs. Indra Singh and Ltd. Currently the company took over the Calcutta Monifieth Works, which was a producer of Jute mill machinery. Indian Tube Company Limited , Jamshedpur The Tata Iron and steel Company Limited and Messrs. Stewarts and Lloyds limited collaborated in the year 1953 to form INDIAN TUBE COMPANY LIMITED in Jamshedpur. The registration of the company was done in the year 1954. The company is covering an area of 68 acres. The equipments that are used in the company are very much modern. These equipments are used to make seamless and the welded tubes. The company has equipment called butt weld mill. This is used for making water, gas and steam tube. There is also an electric resistance weld tube making plant. Another plant is under operations.

Monday, March 18, 2019
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