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All the festivals in Jamshedpur  have a great significance and are celebrated with enthusiasm. The two most celebrated festivals are Teej and Chhath, religious people celebrated them with sacred feeling. The people, who are living in Jamshedpur for a long time, do not confine them to celebrate these two festivals of their city. They love to celebrate other festivals too, which belong to other states of India.

Because of cultural diversity among the people of Jamshedpur almost all the festivals from different parts of the country are celebrated with equal importance.

Teej is a festival of women. It is celebrated by those women who have got their life partner. They celebrate this festival in many ways, such as by wearing new clothes; mostly they wear traditional dresses with lively colors. The women fast on the day for the prosperity and health of their husband. This day has significance in Hindu Mythology because it is considered to be the day when Lord Shiva married with Goddess Durga. All the married women on this day thank the almighty for having a partner and prepare special meals for their husbands. In the festival of Chhath, men women as well as the children actively participate. This festival is celebrated to pay curtsy to the Sun God. This is done by visiting any neighboring river.

The festivals like holi and diwali are also celebrated by the inhabitants. All the people distribute gifts and wear colorful clothes and pray to God to fill their lives with prosperity and color.

The birth anniversary of the founder of the city Sri Jamshedji Tata is also an important occasion in Jamshedpur. People celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.