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The culture of the Jamshedpur city reflects the culture of the whole Indian nation. The city also has a history and culture of its own. The city has an impact of modern life style and the glimpse of old traditions and rituals of Indian society are also seen in the culture of Jamshedpur. The most of the families settled here are the educated ones who are employed in the TATA Enterprises. The culture of Jamshedpur is shadowed by the cultures of various Indian states as the majority of the population is from different other states employed with the TATA Enterprises. This cosmopolitan city is inhabited by the people who are very open to the new styles and ideas of living.

The population of the Jamshedpur shows a great culture and religious diversity. In this steel city almost all the religions of the Indian society are practiced. Among the people inhabiting the Jamshedpur city, the population from the state of Bihar forms the majority. A great transition is seen in the demography of the people in Jamshedpur hence having an impact on the culture of the city. Other than the people from Bihar the state has a large number of people from the states of Jharkhand, West Bengal and from South India too. This mixed cultural diversity makes it a Jamshedpur a city where qawwalis are heard, Sunday masses in various churches and the Artis in the Rankiti Mandir make a blissful sound. Apart from this the DJ nights with a loud bang are also a part of the Jamshedpurian culture.

The culture of the Jamshedpur is bestowed with different types of fairs and festivals that are unique to this place. The festivals like Diwali, id, Holo, Budhha poornima, guru parab, Christmas etc are celebrated with great zeal by the people of every community be it a hindu, muslim or Christian. People from all the religions gather to enjoy these festive occasions. These events and the unity among the people makes it a very joyful and lively place to live.

The cuisines of Jamshedpur also show the mix of the diverse cultures. The city is not having any particular identity of its own. The identity to the city is given by the people who are coming and settling here with time. So is about the food of the state. The typical Indian food is enjoyed here, be it Jharkhandi tadka food or the south Indian dishes or the plain daal chawal of the northern India or the Chinese or Italian cuisines. The city has the restaurants catering all sorts of food from the worldwide. The road side pani puri walas are also very popular among the youth.

The people here are very hospitable and very cooperative. They always welcome the tourists with a smile and cheerful behavior. The languages spoken by them as well as the culture exhibited show a great diversity.