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Diverse factors portray this website solely meant to bring multiple facets of the Jamshedpur district into forefront. Attempts are made by applying best means to bring into limelight growth avenues and fast paced progresses of this district into notice with highlighting its role for state’s overall development like urbanization drive.

It is single platform to avail all sorts of information. Information for a set of visitors intended for certain communities. If anyone accesses the website by mistake then it is advised to notify us immediately.

We bring information through in-house and external sources. If anything goes against the intention of individuals or organizations concerned, explorejamshedpur.com, as a group or members managing it are not liable whatsoever. It is solely the discretion of authors / parties concerned who share information through this platform.

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Although the website takes maximum precaution to ensure nothing goes damaging, we can’t take any responsibility for such cases due to external information sources which don’t necessarily represent the ideas of ours. Regular updates would be there. Striking information are welcome for expressiveness.