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The district of Purbi Singhbhum is located at the southeastern corner of the state of Jharkhand. It came into existence after isolation of nine blocks from old Singhbhum on January 16th, 1990. Taking a microscopic view from mining quarrying as well as industrial growth, the district of Jamshedpur occupies a leading position in the state of Jharkhand. The Jamshedpur district administration is also quite developed. Prior to independence, the entire Jamshedpur district had been the part of old district of Manbhum and old estate of Dhalbhum. It was after independence that it merged with the greater Singhbhum.

The entire geographical area encompassed by this district is nearly 3533 Sq. kms, which may be 2.03% of the entire state. It can be found that around 53% of the district’s total area has been covered by the residual mountains along with hills comprising of granite, schist and gneiss. It can be referred to as a part of plateau of Chhotanagpur. The district of Jamshedpur is enriched with minerals found in abundance here.

As far as the administrative point of view is concerned, the Jamshedpur District Adminstration is divided into 2 Sub-Divisions, Ghatshila and Dhalbhum. This district comprises of eleven blocks called as Golmuri-cum-Jugsalai also referred to as Jamshedpur, Patamda, Potka, Boram in the sub division of Dhalbhum whereas the Ghatshila, Dumaria, Musabani, Baharagora, Chakulia, Dhalbhumgarh and Gurabandha found in the sub division of Ghatshila. According to the information provided, there have been 231 Panchayats and nearly 1810 revenue villages. Out of these villages, there are 1669 Revenue Villages which are found to be inhabited and the rest of the other are 141 Revenue villages which are actually unhabitated.

The Head Quarter of this district remains to be Jamshedpur.

Jamshedpur lies in the Jugsala block or Golumri block. The district of Jamshedpur is regarded as the major industrial centre of the state of Jharkhand. 
As per the civic administration of the Jamshedpur city, it is looked after by multiple hands such as

  • Jugsalai Municipality(JMC)
  • Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC)
  • Mango Notified Area Committee(MNAC)
  • Adityapur Municipal Council (AMC)
  • Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company (JUSCO), a Tata Steel subsidiary

JNAC has been divided into 2 parts, one being the Tata lease area whereas the other is the area referred to as non-Tata lease. This leased area is about 41 km² and is taken care of by JUSCO whereas the rest has been managed by JNAC only.

AMC takes care of 49 km2 of the area of region of Adityapur consisting of the residential along with the industrial belt. The responsibility of MNAC is to see the residential regions lying in Mango as well as Pardih area which is about 18 km square.

The district Jamshedpur is the major unit of the state of Jharkhand and hence the district administration of Jamshedpur maintains law and order and makes sure that these are properly implemented and the orders of the Government are properly followed. There is collection of revenue taking place as well as land acquisitions being done in an orderly manner.