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Jamshedpur, the largest city of the Jharkhand state is one of the main Industrial cities of India. It is commonly known as the Steel City. The tata Enterprises has played an important role in the maintenance of this city. In most of the parts of the city, the services are offered by the TATA enterprises. To reach the Jamshedpur City following means of transport are available:

By Rail

Jamshedpur railway station is known as the Tatanagar. The railway station is situated on the Howrah-Mumbai line.  The railway station is connected to the cities like Barkakhana, Ranchi and Asansol through the Howrah-Delhi line. It is connected to Asansol via Adra & Purulia. The city of Jamshedpur is connected to Gua via Noamundi & Barajamda.  The city is connected to all the major cities in India like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, patna etc via direct trains. Many super fast trains run between Jamshedpur and these major cities in india. The trains to Dhanbad and ranchi are also available and from there Jamshedpur can be reached via road. The distance of Jamshedpur from Dhanbad is 4 hours and from ranchi it is at takes approx three hours to reach Jamshedpur.

TheTicket office in Jamshedpur is open all the seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Sundays it is open till 2 p.m. The current booking counters are also there from where the passengers can book the tickets for anywhere in India.
The railway satation of Jamshedpur has all the facilities of rest rooms, waiting rooms, restaurants, café etc. there are ATMs of the banks like SBI and UTI on the railway station. The auto rickshaws at the railway station of the Tatanagar are available all the day and night. It is required to bargain the Auto rickshaw drivers as there are no pre paid booths on the station.

By Bus

Ranchi is 140 km from the city of Jamshedpur. The bus services are available from Jamshedpur to all the cities like Patna, Ranchi, Gaya, Hazaribag, Kolkata, Aurangabad, Gorakhpur,Hazaribagh Bokaro and many others.

By Road

The NH 32 connects the Jamshedpur to all the major cities. The national highway 32, 33 from delhi to Kolkata connects the city of Jamshedpur by road to the cities like Chandil, Govindpur, Barhi, ranchi, hazaribagh, Mahulia, Kharagpur, Baharagora, Ramgarh etc. The NH6 connecting Kolkata to the western India also connects Jamshedpur to other cities.

By Air

There is an airport at Jamshedpur where the chartered planes can land but the facility of landing at night is not available. The commercial flights to Jamshedpur have also started from the cities like Delhi, patna, Kolkata and ranchi. Other nearest airports are Ranchi and Kolkata.