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Tata Steel Zoological Park

The Jubilee park in Jamshedpur, has a zoo called Tata Steel Zoological Park. The zoo displays many worthy animals. It is a wonderful holiday place. On spending a day in this park one can experience a mix of developed city along with the natural bio diversity. The safari park at the zoo houses wild life with their natural habitat. It is a must visit spot for those who love to spend time with the nature. The Jayanti sarovar is located nearby. Here people can enjoy some water sport activities along with boating. The foundation of this park was laid by Tata Steel on January 14th, 1990.In the year 1991 Tata Steel Zoological Society came into operation catering to the responsibility of establishing a zoo in the Jubilee park which was established by TATA steel in Jamshedpur city in its golden Jubilee. The Zoological society aimed to exhibit different varieties of wild life in the northern part of the park. The unique feature of the Zoo is that it accommodates all the animals in their nearest natural habitat. It is a main attraction for the kids.

The Zoo has been designed by the country’s best managers and Zoo Achitects.  Mr. N. D. Bachkheti, who was the Retired Inspector General of Forests at that time, looked after the planning and designing the zoo at that time. He was one of the best personnel available at that time in establishment of all kind of modern Zoological gardens. On March 3rd, 1994, the Jamshedpur Zoo was open for the visitors.

The Tata Steel Zoological Society is having its office established in the jubilee park of Jamshedpur. The Managing Committee of the Society is looking after the administrative affairs of the Zoo.  The TATA Steel nominates the committee members who are appointed for a term of three years.

There are eight members in the Tata Steel Zoological Society. Following are the designations:

  • President
  • Hony Secretary
  • Hony.Assistant Secretary.
  • Hony. Treasurer

An annual budget for the day to day operational activities and also for any new project that has to come up in that very year is approved by the society. The officials and the consultants of the zoo carry out the execution of all kind of projects.

Zoo Layout Description:

The Layout of the zoo is having a road surrounding the lake circularly.  There are well constructed pathways for the visitors which provide best view of the wildlife. There are three wells in the zoo to provide the water supply to the park. The children can enjoy in the playing area and the restaurants are also there where the visitors can enjoy different varieties of yummy food and smacks.

The Zoo is closed on Mondays.

The rates of entry tickets are as follows:

Rates of entry ticket per person

Catagories Rupees
Adults Rs. 20.00/- only
Child Rs. 10.00 only (between age 3 to 12 years)
Handicapped Free
Group Concessions Upto 100 person (10% on total ticket value) More than 100 persons (15% on total ticket value)


Tata Steel Zoological Park
Jubilee Park
Jamshedpur - 831 001
Jharkhand, India
Fax: +91 657 2236918