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The city of Jamshedpur has people from each and every part of India. Majority of the population is from the Bihar state but there are people from Jharkhand, New Delhi, West Bengal, South India and almost from every state of India. Hence one can find people speaking different languages here. Bengali, Santhali, Oriya and Hindi are important languages of Jamshedpur which originate from Munda family of languages and Dravidian family of languages, the Indo-Aryan languages.

 Munda families of languages consist of Santhali, Ho, Mundari, Kharia , Bhumji and Mahili. Tamil, Telegu, Oraon and Gondi belong to the Dravidian family while Hindi, Guajarati, Nepali, Marwari, Jharkhandi, Bengali, Oriya and Urdu originated from the Indo-Aryan stock. Some European languages are also spoken here due to a mixes cosmopolitan population resides here.

The principle spoken Santhali language had its origin from Austro-Asiatic stock and it is also a Munda language dialect which is written including the Ol Chiki alphabets.  Roman script was used to write Santhali during the British period while presently Devanagari script is used to write it. Santhali resembles the language, Bengali and therefore, many Santhali writers write in Bengali.