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Following are the parks that can be visited:

  1. Bhatia Park
  2. Jubilee Park (Jayanti Sarovar)
  3. Sri Dorabji Tata Park
  4. Tata Steel Zoological Park

Bhatia Park

This park exists along with Subernareka river bank which is situated at Kadma near about Shastri Nagar. The park is full of green trees, many beautiful lawns having colorful fountains. There are also many flower beds with different types of colorful flowers.  There are near about 17 parks in all in Jamshedpur Industrial area having different type of features and beauty. This also helps in maintaining the industrial city a clean and pollution less city. Children can play in these parks freely to have fun. The younger and elder people can also visit these parks to maintain their health and body fitness. These parks are main attraction for the nature lovers and create a feeling of happiness and freshness among the tourists and common people.

Jubilee Park(Jayanti Sarovar)

Jubillee Park is situated in the heart of Jamshedpur city that was being gifted to the citizens of Jamshedpur by Tata Steels on the celebration of the golden jubilee year 1958. The total area acquired by this park is near about 237.7 acres, which is full of various colorful fountains along with various colorful flower beds. The main point of attraction of this garden is the Mogul garden that is being developed taking the Mysores Brindaban gardens as the source of inspiration. There are near about 1,000 varieties of rose that can be seen in the rose garden. The latest addition that has been done to Jayanti sarovar is the picnic spot called Upvan, which is a lake especially designed and deepened for the purpose of boating. Nicco park is especially developed for the children to enjoy and have fun.

Sri Dorabji Tata Park

This park is situated near the Keenan Stadium. It is a main tourist attraction in Jamshedpur. The name of the park is derived from the name of the well known personality of TATA Iron and steel Company Sri Dorabji. The park is decorated with colorful flowers, beautiful gardens with the artificial fountains adding to its beauty. People come here to relax themselves and to spend time in a calm and serene atmosphere.



Tata Steel Zoological Park

This Zoological Park is having different flower’s varieties and it is also having a small collection of wild life.  It is really a very good chance for the nature lovers to see the varied wild life in their natural habitat.  This park is situated near to the Jubilee park of Jamshedpur. There are numerous migrating birds coming here which make the environment of the park more beautiful. Mostly in the winter season these birds visit the park.  The Tata Steel Zoological Park also have a beautiful lake that attracts the visitors here.