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The first unit of the TATA motors was established in Jamshedpur in the year 1945. The whole unit is covering a vast area of 822 acres in Jamshedpur city. The city is called Tatanagar because of the establishment of this unit here. The four major divisions of TATA motors are Engine Factory, Truck Factory and Cab factory and Cowl Factory. Because of the divestments in March 2000, the Axle and engine plants were hived off into the independent subsidiaries.

The Truck Division of Tata motor is having two assembly lines. The length of the main assembly line is 180 m and it is having twenty work stations and a vehicle is rolled out at a gap of every eight minutes.

There is another line that is for the special purpose vehicles. This line is dedicated to meet the Indian army’s requirements. The factory possess the hi tech facilities for the manufacture of a set up of five thousand tines hydraulic press line, a Camber Correction line and cut to length line for strip preparation that has been purchased from Messer Kohler in Germany. There is also a facility to form hot axle halves. A heating furnace and a three thousand tone press are used for this purpose. The other facility available is the flexibility to manufacture the frames having an off line Proto-typing facility.

The Cab & Cowl factory has the facilities such as automated painting set up, Centralized Paint Shop, Robot painting, Articulates (trailer/tractor), BIW Fabrication of day & sleeper cabs for trucks, Fabrication of Cowls for buses and many more applications of different kinds.

The Unit is supported by a fully equipped Foundry. It plays a major role in supplying SG Iron castings of a high-grade for excavators and automobile components. The foundry is rated among the best foundries in the world in terms of its cleanliness and better and highly automated. The capacity of the foundry is of forty two thousand MT of good castings per year. Both SG as well as the Gey cast Iron casting are made here. All the automobile castings even the critical ones are manufactured here like Cylinder head and the cylinder block. There is a Kunkel Wagner High Pressure Moulding line, which is a sophisticated one and has a production capacity of 90 moulds per hour. There is also a sand mixer and a sand cooler from Kunkel Wagner. There are induction furnaces of medium frequency in the melting shop. These are used for melting purposes and the Channel furnaces are used for holding. The Channel Press Pour along with a Steam Inoculation Dispenser is used for pouring. There is a Cold Box Machine in the core shop which is used to make 4 cores a minute. The sand and metallurgical laboratories are elaborated ones. The Bureau Veritas Quality International gave the ISO 9002 certification to the foundry in the year 1993. Later in the year 2000 another stringent certification of QS 9000 by BVQI was given. Presently the foundry has TS: 16949 certification by BVC.

The TATA Cummins manufactures the 6B series engines and the manufacture of the Turbo Charged engines and the Tata 697/497 Naturally Aspirated is done by the Engine factory.

The Forge division is the most modern and advanced forging set up in India. IT has presses from Kurimoto, Japan and has a forging line having 40,000 mkg Beche Hammer. The forgings which are very critical are produced here like front axle beams, crankshafts, steering parts etc for the automobile plant of TATA motors. In April, 1984 a new forging line was installed. It is having a capacity of forging the front axle beams at the speed of ninety seconds per piece and a piece of crankshaft is forged in 120 seconds. There are mechanical presses which are helpful in producing heavy forgings in different varieties. The shop floor machines are linked to the design work stations with the help of FIDIA digit 165 CC Graphite Milling Machine which is a sophisticated one. QS 9000 by the BVQI and ISO 9002 certifications have been given to Forge.

The other subsidiary of Tata motors is TML Drivelines Limited which has an installed capacity of producing 200000 axles per year. Presently, this subsidiary is leading the Indian market in production of heavy as well as medium commercial vehicles axles. The other range of the products includes live as well as normal Front Steer axles, dummy or trailer axles, rear Drive axles. This is the only supplier of M&HCV axles to the plants of Tata motors at Lucknow and Jamshedpur. The TML Driveline Limited is havingall the modern facilities to manufacture all the main components of Axel like Stub Axles, front axle beam, Front & Rear Wheel Hubs, Axle Gears, Differential, Swivel Heads, Banjo Axle Beam, Banjo Axle Beam etc. The TML Drivelines Limited has gained excellence in manufacture of the axles at the component level and even the assembly and testing of the axles.

The establishment of this subsidiary took place on March 13th 2000. It is a major subsidiary of Tata motors and took over the operations of the Gearbox Division of TATA motors. The company has proved its excellence in the manufacture of components and engineering applications for different range of heavy as well as medium commercial vehicles and automotive transmissions. The company is having a capacity to produce 120,000 gearboxes each year. The services and the products provided by the company are of the best quality meeting the current business and economic trends.

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