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The Tata steel is the second most steel producer in the world with such a huge geographical diversity. It is among the world’s top ten steel maker. The company was established in India in the year 1907. Since the last eight to ten years the company has gone through the global expansion.  It has acquired Asian steel producers NatSteel and Millennium Steel which is now known as Tata Steel Thailand. Corus, the 2nd largest producer of the steel in Europe has also been acquired by Tata steels and is currently known as Tata Steel Europe Limited. The Tata group is the largest Industrial Corporation in India. The TATA enterprise including the TATA steel is having many evidences of social responsibilities and donations since past years. The TATA steel has its full focus on improving the life style of the people living in the areas wherever the company is operating. In India TATA steel alone has changed the life of about eight lacks people by donations and charity.


The company is established worldwide. It is commencing its manufacturing operations currently in twenty six nations. These include the developing markets of Asia and the developed nations like Europe. Tata steel is a Fortune 500 company with its first integrated plant in Asia.  The marketing and sale offices are spread all over the country and in 50 other nations. In Jamshedpur, the main unit of Tata steel is located. The company is having its registered office in Mumbai and the commercial headquarters are in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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The main locations of the Tata steel are at Jamshedpur, Mumbai, London, and Bangkok, Singapore. The main headquarters are in India and also operating in 26 other countries.

Tata Steel Limited
Jamshedpur – 831 001
Ph: 91 657 2426992