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The city of Jamshedpur is located on the Chota Nagpur Plateau in the East Singhbhum district of the Jharkhand state in India. It is famous for its big Industries, renowned educational institutes for the well planned township. The city was named by Lord Chelmsford in the year 1919 after the name of his founder Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. It is one of the well developed and well maintained cities of India. The quality of life of the people here is of high standards and it can be seen by the roads, infrastructure and sanitation of the city. The city has the privilege to be selected as one of the UN Global Compact Cities. It is claimed to be the first planned city of India. This city attracts the tourists because of its modern life style, tourists’ spots and also for being a gateway to the Himalayas. Many tourists or pilgrims visiting the Himalayan range pass through this city.

Jamshedpur is a home to TATA group of industries including TATA steels and TATA enterprises, which is why it is also known as TATA Nagar.

Some of the famous tourist places in Jamshedpur are:

Dimna Lake

It is an artificial lake which was constructed by TATA Steel limited at the foot hills of the Dalma range. It is the main source of drinking water for the city and is also the main reservoir of water for the steel plant. This lake attracts many tourists because many water sports activities can be enjoyed here. People can enjoy boating in the serene environment of the lake. There are facilities for rowing and jet skiing too. The scenic beauty of the lake is elaborated by the glorious green trees and the neighboring gardens that provide shelter and resting place to the visitors. The kids can enjoy here by participating in numerous kids activities.

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

In the year 1975, Dalma wildlife sanctuary was established at the height of 3000 feet on Dalma hills. The area covered by the sanctuary is more than 193 sq km. The sanctuary is a home to many animals and birds including a wide range of fauna. The forests have many woody trees and the plant life here is invaluable. The sanctuary is a shelter for the animals like tigers, elephants, sambar, barking deer, porcupines and sloth bears. It is wonderful experience to explore the sanctuary and have the thrilling adventure in this natural habitat. The adventure activities include trekking both mild and medium trekking can be done here. The other major attraction of this area is the Shiva temple.

Tata Steel Zoological Park

The Jubilee park in Jamshedpur, has a zoo called Tata Steel Zoological Park. The zoo displays many worthy animals. It is a wonderful holiday place. On spending a day in this park one can experience a mix of developed city along with the natural bio diversity. The safari park at the zoo houses wild life with their natural habitat. It is a must visit spot for those who love to spend time with the nature. The Jayanti sarovar is located nearby. Here people can enjoy some water sport activities along with boating..

Jubilee Park (Jayanti Sarovar)

The Jubilee park in Jamshedpur is known as Jayanti Sarovar. It is built on the pattern of the Brindavan garden in Bangalore. The park is covering an area of about 237 acres. The TATA Steel Company gifted this park to the people of the Jamshedpur city on the Golden Jubilee celebration of the TATA Steels in 1956. There is an amusement park, rose garden and a beautiful lake here that attracts the visitors. The beautiful musical fountain in the center of the park is also very attractive. The main attraction here is the vegetation which is lush green with the colorful flowering plants that mesmerizes the nature lovers. It is relaxing spot in the busy industrial city of Jamshedpur. The rose garden in the park has more than 1000 varieties of roses. There is also an entertainment park to amuse the kids. The children park has swings, skating facilities and many more activities for the children. The horticulture garden of the park has a collection of hybrid flora that amazes the visitors.

Hudco Lake

This is an artificial lake located in TELCO colony. It is popular picnic spot in Jamshedpur because of its picturesque beauty. The hilly terrains of the TELCO colony also have a beautiful garden named as Sumant Mulgaonkar. The garden is having an artificial waterfall which gets the water from the Hudco lake. This area is very attractive as it has an environment completely different from the environment of the busy Industrial city. The landscapes and the nature friendly environment of the hilly region attracts the tourists.

Sir Dorabji Tata Park

Shri Dorabji was the eldest son of Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata and this park was named after his name. It is located near the Keenan Stadium. The main attraction of this park is the flower show that is held annually. The ambiance of the park is very environmental friendly. It is the best place for the family picnics.

Bhatia Park

The Bhatia Park is located at the Subernareka River which is the lifeline of the Jamshedpur city. On the banks of this river, the Bhatia park is the place where people rush to spend the weekends. The park provides many entertainment facilities and is a perfect spot to relax in the lap of the nature.

Russi Modi Centre of Excellence

The building of the Russi Modi Center for Excellence is an attraction within itself because of its beautiful architecture. It is located near the Jubilee park and is a center for many professional organizations. The structure of this center has the Archives of TATA steel currently, though it was constructed as an entrance to the Jubilee Park. Here management students come to know how the TATA steel originated and to learn about the unique management practices required to set such a large industry.

Bhuvaneshwari Temple

It is a famous temple situated in TELCO colony on a 500 ft high mount. Maa Bhuvneshwari is the deity of the temple. The temple is visited by numerous pilgrims. It is also an important tourist spot because of its pristine location. The view of the city from this point is really spectacular. The environment is pollution free and the ambiance is perfect for meditation purposes.