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Bokaro Steel City

This city is at a distance of 173 km from Jamshedpur. It is a popular tourist destination of Jharakhand. A major steel plant is located here which makes it an important industrial city of India. The tour to the Bokaro steel plant can be very exciting and knowledgeable. Tourists visit here to have a look on the steel plant which is opened for the visitors at some specific hours. At this time the tour of the plant can be taken


The distance of Ranchi from Jamshedpur is 129 km. It is the capital of Jharkhand state. This town is located in the Chota Nagpur plateau region. The name is derived from a Nagpuri word Archi which means bamboo forest. The city is covered with the red soil and is situated at the height of 2,140 foot above sea level. The scenic beauty of Ranchi attracts the maximum tourists. There are many waterfalls here. The green hilly areas are very soothing to the eyes. Some where the rocks are very barren and on the other hand the green lush of the valleys is very attractive. It is the perfect destination for the nature lovers. To explore the hilly safaris is an exciting experience within itself. The main waterfalls are Jonha Falls and Hudru falls. The kanke dam is also an important tourist place. There are hatia museuam and the Tribal Research Institute and Museum that are mostly visited by the people. Ranchi hill, Tagore hill, ranchi lake, jagannath temple are other important tourist spots.

Rourkela-290 km

This city is 290 km away from Jamshedpur. It is located in the Orissa state. It is famous for its scenic beauty. There are many lakes that enclose this beautiful city. In 1955 the first three steel plants of India were established here. The major tourist attractions in Rourkela are the Hanuman Vatika garden where a 70 feet high idol of Hanuman is placed. There are many other temples of different deities in the Garden. Pilgrims come here all the year round to visit these temples.The other important destinations are Jubilee park, Mrig vihar, Nehru traffic park, Indira Gandhi park, and Green park.

Asansol-209 km

209 km away from Jamshedpur is situated the city of Asansol in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal state. The city is a well developed city with very good infrastructure. It is one of the major and biggest cities of west Bengal. There are numerous parks, dams and pilgrim places that can be visited in Asansol.

The Satabdi Park and the Nehru Park are the major parks of the city. Many families love to visit the Satabdi Park in the evening. The environment of the park is very much friendly. Children enjoy many outdoor games here. A small water body is located in the park where the visitors go for paddle boating. Another destination for a day’s trip is the Joychandi Pahar at a distance of 30 km from the main town area. This is a picnic spot where most of the people visit in order to spend some time away from the crowd of the city. The two dams, Panchet dam & the maithon dam near the town are also mostly visited by the tourists. These are the popular picnic spots for the nature lovers. Most of the pilgrims visit the Kalyaneshwari Temple near Maithon dam. Churulia and the manoj talkies are also the popular destinations in Asansol.