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Apart from being famous for its steel industry, the city of Jamshedpur also houses the India’s oldest business school XLRI School of Business and Human Resources. This school was established in the year 1949. It is ranked among the 5 best B- Schools in India.

 There is a Personnel Management & Industrial Relations program offered by XLRI, Jamshedpur which was recently regarded as the best course in human resource in in Asia-Pacific. The courses offered include a full-time 2 year post graduate program in Business Management, full-time 2 year post graduate program in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations which was renamed in 2011 as Human Resources Management. There is also one year General Management program (full time) which can be said the first MBA full time program in India with one year duration and FPM (fellow doctoral programs).  Many other executive education programs are also offered here.


Fr Quinn Enright, S.J. founded XLRI Jamshedpur in the year 1949

How to reach XLRI

The campus of the college is located at the distance of seven kilometers from the Tatanagar railway station. The taxis, auto- rickshaws are available from the railway station to reach the XLRI campus at reasonable prices . The campus is located near the Jubilee park in the eastern Circuit house area.

Jamshedpur railway station is known as the Tatanagar. The railway station is situated on the Howrah-Mumbai line.  The railway station is connected to the cities like Barkakhana, Ranchi and Asansol through the Howrah-Delhi line. It is connected to Asansol via Adra & Purulia. The city is connected to all the major cities in India like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, patna etc via direct trains.

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